Hi there!!
My name is Olena Podvoiska. I'm from kyiv, 45 years old. I was born in the East of Ukraine, spent there my childhood and also complete a secondary education. My favourite subjects always vere Maths and Physics, I loved them very much. After school I moved to the capital to live and also to continue my education. I loved kyiv immediately!

I started Coding long long time ago. In that times computers were huge and slow. We studied first Programming Languages like "Fortran" and "Basic". It was exiting, but there were no computers even the "www" was something almost unknown, and I stopped coding completely.

For many years my job wasn`t concerned with Programming. I got back to it only at the biginning of this year. I am very interested in Coding, I`m styding on my own at the moment, and I find Coding very interesting.

I'm sure in future the children will start learning Coding in primary school the same time they will learning letters and numbers. And nowadays the job of web developer is one of the most advanced.

Happy coding to everybody!



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